WSL Finals Odds and Predictions 2022

WSL Finals Odds and Predictions 2022

August 2022 Update: The predictions below were made at the beginning of the 2022 WSL WCT season. View our most recent 2022 Rip Curl WSL Finals Odds and Predictions right here.

We nailed our predictions for last season’s World Surf League (WSL) Finals. Of course, Gabriel Medina was an easy pick on the men’s side, but his regular season and final day dominance did nothing to temper the excitement surrounding the new WSL Finals day format. The same goes for women’s champion Carissa Moore.

Ultimately, the transition to a one-day event has thrust the WSL out of the fringes and made it the real deal with Vegas oddsmakers. The new crop of sports bettors is looking beyond the NFL, NCAA, NBA, and MLB (etc) for alternative leagues to wager on and it seems that the WSL is here to wet their appetite. Subsequently, interest has already ramped up for the 2022 finale. Below is your breakdown of the most up to date odds, along with predictions that will adjust as the season progresses towards finals day. Check out everything below, and return often for updates.

UPDATE (Nov. 2021): The WSL will announce the location for the 2022 finals soon. This may alter who the favorites will be. Check back often and stay tuned!

Early Betting Preview for the Rip Curl WSL Men’s and Women’s Championship Scheduled for September 7-18 2022

Where: TBD

2022 Tour Stops:

  • Banzai Pipeline, Oahu
  • Sunset Beach, Oahu
  • Peniche, Portugal
  • Bells Beach, Australia
  • Margaret River, Australia
  • G Land, Indonesia
  • Lower Trestles, San Clemente CA
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa
  • Teahupo’o, Tahiti

When: Waiting period runs from September 7-22, 2022

Betting Lines: View all WSL Finals betting odds

Streaming Broadcast: WSL website / WSL YouTube

Live Alternative Commentary: BeachGrit with David Lee Scales and Chas Smith


Gabriel Medina (+300)

Gabriel Medina is a frontrunner with Vegas sportsbooks, but there are a couple of caveats. For one, he hinted that he may take the year off after having won his third World Title at the 2021 WSL Finals. While he has been silent since, we hear that he will be showing up in Hawaii for the first event of the 2022 WSL season at the Billabong Pro Pipeline. The other possible wrench in any bettors’ plans to wager on a fourth World Title for the Brazilian, is a blonde Hawaiian named John John Florence. We fully expect these two to enter the September’s WSL Finals in the number one and two slots.

John John Florence (+300)

There’s only one question hovering over whether or not JJF will win the World Title in 2022. His knee. The two-time World Champion’s joint has been the singular point of contention in the argument about who is better between Medina and Florence. A healthy JJF is unstoppable, especially when you consider the stops that the WSL has added to the WCT this season (see above). The first two events (Pipeline and Sunset) will be very telling. To be honest, if you’re on the fence about betting on Florence to win the 2022 WSL Finals, we suggest waiting until he’s put a couple of WCT results in the books to see where he stands, if he can stand at all.

Felipe Toledo (+400)

We’re bypassing Italo Ferreira (+350) who at the onset of the 2022 WSL has better odds to win the whole enchilada. After seeing Toledo take down Ferreira in the 2021 WSL Finals in Round 3 we feel as if Felipe is hungrier than his fellow countryman, who already has a World Title feather in his cap. Toledo’s only major weakness on the 2022 schedule is Teahupo’o, but given that it’s at the end of the regular season schedule we’re certain Toledo will have already locked in a Top 5 spot for the Finals.

Jordy Smith (+1100)

Smith is due. He’s barely a sleeper pick, but at +1100 there’s a little money to be made on the South African. Jordy can surf the hell out of all waves on this season’s WCT stops. Plus, with the Surf Ranch farce off of the schedule he will shake a monkey from his back, lightening his load en route to what may be a first World Title.

Ezekial Lau (+6500)

Go ahead and laugh. Even Zeke’s participation and eventual win at ABC’s The Ultimate Surfer doesn’t help his case, considering that there are no wave pools on the 2022 WSL WCT schedule. But the Hawaiian warrior can win at Pipe, and is a heavy favorite at Sunset Beach. With two solid results to begin the season he will gain confidence to make a statement on his second go-around on the World Tour. After leaving Oahu, the super-strong surfer can chalk up great results at Margaret River and Jeffrey’s Bay to boot. That should be enough to get him into the Top 5. If you’ve been following Zeke’s path over the past year you’ll know that this guy is hungry and both mentally and physically fit to shut his critics up. Bet a favorite, but put some money on Lau as a long shot. With +6500 opening odds there’s a lot of dough on deck.


John John Florence stays healthy and ties Gabriel Medina by taking his own third World Title. JJF for the win!

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WSL Women’s Final Odds and Predictions

Carissa Moore (+300)

Check back soon for full preview.

Tatiana Weston Webb (+550)

Check back soon for full preview.

Courtney Conlogue (+1400)

Check back soon for full preview.

Brisa Hennessy (+8000)

Check back soon for full preview.

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