World Surf League Finals Predictions, Picks, Odds, and Betting Preview 2021

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The 2021 World World Surf League (WSL) Finals are upon us. The official event window runs from September 9 to 17th, and it looks like the WSL’s top five will be competing in contestable waves. Surfline reports that there will be back to back swells between the 13th to 16th with conditions easing on the final day of the waiting period. This bodes well for all parties involved, because while someone from the Brazilian Storm (Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira, Filipe Toledo) would be fully guaranteed to win the event in small to mediocre conditions, the underdogs (Morgan Cibilic, Conner Coffin) will actually have a shot at the title if the waves are pumping. That said, the early rounders have a lot of work cut out for them, potentially having to surf five heats towards the championship, while frontrunner Gabriel Medina only has to surf the final.

WSL Finals Predictions Odds 2021


Will you play it safe and wager on one of the favorites, or look to make some serious cash on Cibilic or Coffin? Before you make your decision, let’s have a look at Action Sports Betting (ASB) predictions for the 2021 WSL Finals.

Betting Preview for the Rip Curl World Surf League (WSL) Men’s Finals Running from September 9-17 2021

Where: Lower Trestles, San Clemente, CA

When: September 9 to 17th, 2021

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Live Online Commentary: BeachGrit

Surfing Podcast for Post-Heat Reviews: SurfSplendor

Gabriel Medina: 4/6 Odds

WSL Ranking: No.1 (43,400 points)

It’s hard to argue against 2-time WSL World Champion Garbriel Medina. He has dominated the entire season and is 11,740 points ahead of the next best performer on the 2021 tour, Italo Ferreira. If it weren’t for the new WSL Championship format (introduced this year) he would have wrapped up the title already. Medina is coming into the event rested, injury free, happy, and as confident as ever – a lethal combination for the most lethal competitor on tour.

Italo Ferreira: 5/2 Odds

WSL Ranking: No.2 (31,660 points)

The most energetic human on the WSL World Championship Tour is nipping at the heels of Medina. The two are 3-3 against one another on the WCT, with Medina taking two off of Ferreira thus far in 2021. Ferreira fell to Medina at the Billabong Pipe Masters, and again at the Rip Curl Rottnest. He has not defeated Medina this year, and this may weigh heavy on his mind if he gets through to meet world No.1.

Filipe Toledo: 5/1 Odds

WSL Ranking: No.3 (30,735 points)

A lot of money is going on this competitor, and for good reason. For one, he lives near Trestles, having made San Clemente his home some years ago. In any other WSL event at Lower Trestles Toledo is the favorite to win. However, the pressure of the Finals is a lot different and some wonder if he will buckle even though his air game at this wave is matched only by Ferreira. Fret not Filipe fans, because he is bringing some favorable momentum. Toledo defeated Gabriel Medina at the Surf Ranch Pro this year which gives him the confidence booster he needs to win on home turf. With waves of greater consequence announced for the WSL WCT tour in 2022, this is Filipe Toledo’s best shot at winning the WSL Championship – and he knows it. Wager accordingly.

Conner Coffin: 20/1 Odds

WSL Ranking: No.4 (25,355 points)

While Conner Coffin may be ranked ahead of No.5 Morgan Cibilic his odds to win are slightly longer. Why? Coffin has no air game, which is problematic for the most high performance aerial wave on tour. In fact, no one is really taking this guy seriously, but that may be a big mistake. WSL judges are getting tired of repetitive airs, and may set the tone for what’s to come for the 2022 tour by underscoring those who take flight in the finals. They have already hinted at this shift in scoring with a number of results thus far in 2021, namely with Ferreira. Plus, the WSL (and sponsors) are begging for a California champion, especially with the finals taking place in the Golden State. If Coffin throughs caution to the wind, buries his rail deep, and throws buckets of saltwater (not his board) in the air, he may pull off the upset of all time. At 20/1 odds to win the WSL Finals, bettors could fund a surf trip to Tahiti with that kind of dough. Throw a few bucks on Coffin, just in case.

Morgan Cibilic: 19/1 Odds

WSL Ranking: No.5 (25,270 points)

Rookie Morgan Cibilic is the breakout performer of the season. His highly publicized take downs (twice) of 2-time WSL champ John John Florence during the Australian leg of the tour is the talk of surf town. He closed out the season with two 9th place finishes to maintain his Top 5 position and remain in the conversation as someone in contention for the title. Cibilic’s got work to do however, as he is not known for his prowess on waves like Trestles. That said, the young Australian has been posted up in San Clemente surfing Lowers regularly since the WSL regular season concluded in Mexico in August. He has also been receiving coaching from local top performer (and World No. 6) Griffin Colapinto. This long shot is more of a sleeper pick, and with 19/1 odds, a Cibilic win would bring in some heavy cash.


No surprises here folks. Inevitably, Garbriel Medina wins his third WSL Championship.

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