Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Predictions, Picks, Odds, and Betting Preview 2024

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Odds and Predictions 2024

The recently completed World Surf League (WSL) Championship Tour (CT) MEO Rip Curl Pro in Portugal ended with a bit of a shakeup of CT rankings. Men’s event winner Griffin Colapinto shot up 10 spots to claim the pole position on the CT, while on the Women’s side, Johanne Defay defied betting lines with a win of her own. Meanwhile, everyone is trying to figure out how there isn’t a single Brazilian in the Men’s Top 10 for the first time since the Storm blew through professional surfing. There are many questions and uncertainties as the tour heads to the land down-under for the iconic event in Victoria, Australia. Who do 2024 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach odds and predictions favor? Let’s find out!

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WSL Betting Odds

Betting Preview for the WSL CT Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Men’s and Women’s Surfing Competition Running from March 26 to April 5 2024

Where: Bells Beach, Victoria, Australia

When: Waiting period runs from March 26 to April 5, 2024

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Streaming Broadcast: WSL website / WSL YouTube

Online Commentary: BeachGrit

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Men’s Picks


John John Florence: 4/6 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.2

John John conceded the WSL CT yellow jersey to California kid Colapinto at the Portugal event and he wants it back. But does anyone ever mention JJF and Bells Beach in the same breath? They’d better, given that the blonde Hawaiian has a history of strong results in Victoria, including a victory at the event in 2019 along with a three-stringer of semifinal finishes.

Ethan Ewing: 5/1 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.2

Australian Ethan Ewing is tied for 2nd with John John Florence on CT rankings, after having made the Finals at the MEO Rip Curl Pro. He’s primed to move passed JJF (and Colapinto) with a win at Bells. The event already holds a special place in his heart. Not only did he win the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach in 2023, he did so 40 years after his mother Helen won the event in the Women’s division. Ewing will be coming into the 2024 edition with more motivation than anyone on the Tour.

Italo Ferreira: 8/1 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.12

A Brazilian win, or Final appearance for that matter, is overdue as we enter the fourth event of the 2024 WSL CT season. Italo Ferreira is as good of a pick as any, considering that he won the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach in 2018.


Jordy Smith: 10/1 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.7

Nearly everyone has been excited to see Jordy Smith make a legitimate run for the CT Championship early in the 2024 season after doing very well in the Hawaiian leg of the Tour. Then Portugal happened, and the South African journeyman dropped from the Top 5 down to the seventh spot on CT rankings. This is the kind of thing that weighs heavy on Smith’s competitive head, although with no Filipe Toledo in the mix, Jordy knows (like many others) that he could actually have a shot at the World Title this year. Bells Beach will be very telling as to whether or not the 36 year old Saffa has enough fuel in his tank. His results certainly speak for themselves, with highlights at Bells Beach being the following:

  • 3rd in 2019
  • 1st in 2017
  • 2nd in 2016
  • 3rd in 2013
  • 3rd in 2011

Based on the results above (and a number of 5th place finishes at Bells) we’d say that Smith is a reasonable pick to win the 2024 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach.

Kanoa Igarashi: 15/1 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.5

After a rough 2023 season, and an unimpressive showing at Pipeline, Igarashi clawed his way back into Top 5 contention with a 2nd place finish at Sunset Beach and a 9th at the MEO Rip Curl Pro. Kanoa needs to follow this semi-momentum up with a Finals day appearance at the Bells Beach event. The Japanese-American’s best result at Bells is just a 9th (2023 and 2019) which puts him at the bottom end of sleeper pick status.


Connor O’Leary: 20/1 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.10

The Japanese-Australian (with an Irish name) goofy-footer is having a respectable year thus far, and Bells could prove to be beneficial in his campaign to solidify re-qualification on this season’s CT. O’Leary’s record at Victoria, Australia includes a 5th place finish in 2023, a 9th in 2022, and a 25th in 2018. One might say that his results are getting progressively better, which paves the way for a Semifinals appearance if not a Finals day victory in Victoria. Connor may be a long-shot, but he does have a shot.


Italo Ferreira lets the world know that Brazil is still relevant in 2024 by winning the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Men’s division.

Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach Women’s Picks


Molly Picklum: 4/6 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.1

Terrigal, Australia’s Molly Picklum had a slight hiccup in her impressive start to the 2024 WSL CT after getting a 9th at the MEO Rip Curl Pro. We don’t expect that to distract from her laser-sharp focus to win the World Title this year. After blowing minds at both the Lexus Pipe Pro and the Hurley Pro Sunset Beach, Picklum remains at No.1 in the Women’s Division and experts expect her to carry another “keeper” result away from Bells Beach. Molly came in 2nd at the Rip Corl Pro Bells Beach in 2023, in her second year on the CT.

Caitlin Simmers: 5/1 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.4

Like Picklum, Caitlin Simmers also stumbled in the sloppy conditions of Portugal. However, we suspect her 9th place finish won’t shake her resolve either. Simmers has only competed at Bells Beach once, in 2023, when she was halted in the Quarterfinals. But that lack of experience didn’t bother the small regular-footed firecracker at the Lexus Pipe Pro (which she won!) and it won’t bother her at Bells if the waves continue to pump as they have been for the explosive right-hander so far in March.


Johanne Defay: 10/1 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.2

Like Jordy Smith, Johanne Defay is a WSL CT veteran who is showing signs of a second-life in 2024. She is entering the 2024 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach after winning the MEO Rip Curl Pro Portugal, which boosted Defay’s value as a sleeper pick to win the former. How has France’s best shot at a Summer Olympic Games gold medal in surfing fared at Bells Beach in the past? Johanne’s  highlights at Bells Beach include the following:

  • 5th in 2022
  • 5th in 2018
  • 5th in 2017
  • 5th in 2016
  • 5th in 2015

That’s a total of five 5ths at Bells Beach! Defay is due for her day in Victoria.


Lakey Peterson: 20/1 Odds

WCT Ranking: No.10

If the recent Bells swell holds (it looks like it will) then we need to round out our 2024 Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach odds and predictions with one final regular-footer. Lakey Peterson is it. Lakey’s string of strong performances at Bells Beach include the following:

  • 3rd in 2019
  • 3rd in 2017
  • 5th in 2015
  • 5th in 2014
  • 3rd in 2013
  • 5th in 2012

Lakey Peterson has three 3rds and three 5ths at Bells Beach. Like with Defay, the American is due for an opportunity to ring the victory bell by the end of April 5.


Lakey Peterson takes the long-shot win at the Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach for the Women’s Division.

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WSL Betting Odds

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