How to Bet on Surfing

How to Bet on Surfing

You’re a new or longstanding fan of professional surfing. You also have a penchant for picking the winners of WSL World Championship Tour (WCT) events and some of the top World Qualifying Series (WQS) shindigs. As a result, you have counted all of the money you didn’t win, but could have won, if only you knew how and/or where to bet on surfing. Time to put an end to that sad song with some advice on how to turn your WCT/WQS picks into gold. Let’s get to it.

Beginners Guide to Betting on World Surf League WCT and WQS Events

I. Understanding Surfing Odds

In the USA, online sportsbooks that offer odds on professional surfing (more on them below) use the moneyline. Moneyline odds are represented as +/- with a dollar value appended to them.

For example, according to current WSL Betting Odds for the 2022 season, John John Florence is priced at +300 to win the Championship at the end of the year.

What does +300 in this example mean? If you bet $100 on JJF to win the 2022 Championship at +300, you will win $300. If you bet $1000 on JJF, you win $3000. You get the idea. JJF is a favorite, so the winnings aren’t life changing. But if you bet on Miguel Pupo (hey, you never know) at +12,500 your $1000 bet could fetch you $125,000! With the new WSL Finals format, betting on a long shot early in the season is a wise way to hedge your bets for the season.

II. Referencing Expert Picks and Predictions

Now that you know how surfing betting odds work, it’s time to look at how to make even smarter wagers. While you may have a general idea about who has a reasonable shot at winning any given event on the WSL tour, we recommend tapping into other resources to help you make your final picks (bets).

Industry experts will have more insight into which surfers have a better record and/or perform better at certain locations (Sunset Beach, G-Land, Trestles, etc.) and in variable conditions. Where do you find these expert picks and predictions for pro surfing? Right here. Check back on ASB’s Promos & Previews section after each WSL event has concluded, and you’ll find the latest picks and predictions for the next up and coming WSL event. Between your own homework, intuition, and expert insight, you’ll be better armed to make a more informed wager.

Note: You may notice that in addition to the moneyline, our experts reference odds in a fractional format. For example, let’s say one writer has pegged Zeke Lau with 4/6 odds to win the next event at Sunset Beach. This just means that Lau has a 40% shot a winning. In betting, those are very “short odds” (a likely outcome). Fractional odds referenced in the editorials are a great indicator as to where a surfer stands, be they a favorite, sleeper, or long shot.

III. Finding an Online Sportsbook

Prior to the introduction of Action Sports Betting (ASB) it was very hard for a U.S. resident (Hawaii included) to find a place to wager on professional surfing. Most online sportsbooks with WSL odds operate solely in Australia and the UK. ASB has put an end to that. We have convinced one of the top online sportsbooks in the USA to meet the demand and now offer WSL betting odds. That online sportsbook, is MyBookie. Even better, is that as an ASB reader you have access to the best signup bonus in the industry for surfing betting fans. Signup with MyBookie today to get a 100% signup bonus on your first deposit. That’s right – you will double your money before you even bet on the next WSL event!

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IV. Start Making Money on Pro Surfing

You know how the odds work, how to get help making your picks, and where to bet. You’re all set! Click the banner below to signup and bet on the WSL. It’s that simple.

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