Alt Sports Data Inc. Partners with World Surf League

Alt Sports Data World Surf League Partnership 2023

Action Sports Betting (ASB) typically publishes odds, predictions, and sportsbook reviews as they pertain to action sports. However, some very interesting news broke this week about a partnership between Alt Sports Data Inc. and the World Surf League (WSL) which has us wearing our “media” hat for a brief moment.

For the uninitiated, Alt Sports Data is a relatively new platform that intends to provide data-driven odds for alternative sports to online bookmakers. In doing so, they will fill a gap in the industry that has persisted since the US Supreme Court removed the federal ban on sports betting in 2018. At press, the US sports betting legislation tracker counts 37 states in the country that have legalized sports betting. Sports fans and fantasy players in these states have had open access to betting odds on the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, and the other big leagues. Alternative sports fans however, have had their hands tied when it comes to betting on their favorite professional pastimes.

Sure, from time to time operators like BetOnline, UniBet, and MyBookie have published odds on the WSL WCT Championship, but event specific options have been terribly lacking. We’ve had to create our very own WSL betting odds to give fans and fantasy players something to base their picks on. We’re also the only platform to provide consistent predictions on each WSL event, from the Billabong Pro Pipeline in January to the Rip Curl WSL Finals in September. We’ve generated odds based upon our team’s decades of collective experience in WSL (formerly ASP) contest coverage to great success and have the best record in making event picks over the past two years. The problem, is that our followers have had limited places to place WSL bets based upon these trusted picks. It’s depressing when you consider how much money could have been won.

That’s about to change as Alt Sports Data partners with the World Surf League for 2023 and beyond.

What Surf Betting Fans in the U.S. Need to Know About the New Partnership Between Alt Sports Data and the World Surf League

Below is a succinct quote from Alt Sports Data Inc.’s recent Press Release:

Headquartered in Southern California, ALT Sports Data Inc. is a leading provider of exclusive and official trading data and consumer data for the alternative sports betting industry. This partnership allows sportsbook operators to create pre-event markets and manage in-game odds, giving fans an innovative and exciting way to connect with their favorite sport. This is the first data partnership of WSL in the fast-growing U.S. sports betting market.” (April 11, 2023)

The reason online sportsbooks have shied away from publishing event specific odds on the WSL in the past is steeped in the subjectivity of the heat-by-heat scoring system. Traditional operators know football, basketball, baseball, and soccer but know nothing about our beloved sport/lifestyle. They have no idea how to create/manage odds for WSL events much less individual matchups. What the heck does DraftKings or FanDuel know about Griffin Colapinto’s head-to-head history against Kanoa Igarashi? As we said, nothing.

But now that Alt Sports Data has partnered with the WSL, the latter can provide the former with years of valuable data that can be integrated into a proprietary platform to spit out event odds that operators can trust. As a result, we expect regulated online sportsbooks like BetMGM, DraftKings, FanDuel, PointsBet, and others to provide actionable betting odds on WSL WCT events, maybe even for the Challenger Series.

This is GREAT news for our loyal readers. Once operators begin offering actionable odds, you can use ASB’s trusted picks and predictions to make actual wagers on WSL events as long as you live in a regulated U.S. state. Furthermore, ASB will be offering exclusive sign-up offers for these sportsbooks so that you get FREE money and bonuses to use when making your first of many future WSL bets to come.

Stay tuned as we chart the progress of this exciting development.

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