Let’s clear some things up right away. This is not the same “Top Bet” that you may have read about already.

For one, there is a copycat operation based out of Uganda (UG) and South Africa (SA) that piggybacked off the name a few years ago. They serve UG-SA in addition to certain markets around Europe and Asia. They have a received a lot of bad press over the last couple of years. We would not recommend that sportsbook to anyone. The sportsbook we’re discussing is, a “for Americans” operation that is licensed in Curacao to operate as a legal online sportsbook on North American soil.

Now you may have seen some so-so press about but that is old news. Like with EVERY major sportsbook the brand has had some ups and downs over the decade. The company transitioned from old management to a completely new c-level executive team and IT
squad back in 2017. The sportsbook also boasts new and more robust gaming software and vastly improved player payment processes.

Negative reviews that you may have read elsewhere? That’s coming from cranky affiliates that did not get to keep their cushy revenue share deals with TopBet when the company changed management. TopBet in 2021-22 is a complete different sportsbook.

TopBet Online Sportsbook Product and Service Breakdown

Sports Offered: 95%

TopBet offers betting lines on all major sports, including NFL, NCAA football, NCAA basketball, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, NASCAR, PGA, ATP, and MLS in addition to international soccer, cricket, rugby, and more. In fact, during the 2020 COVID-19 shutdown of professional sports TopBet led the industry in offering actionable betting lines on virtual gaming, eSports, and even professional marble racing. Yes, marble racing. All that they are missing are betting lines on action/extreme sports. We’ve given them a nudge to make that happen.

New Player Bonuses and Promotions: 90%

*Promotions are subject to change

TopBet may be best known for their industry-leading 150% sign-up bonus. Most online sportsbooks offer between 50-100%. They are so confident in their product that they don’t mind taking a bit of a hit to get you to join. They know you’ll will stick around once you see (and experience) what they have to offer.

Existing Player Bonuses and Promotions: 80%

*Promotions are subject to change

TopBet likes to keep its players happy. They offer a number of reload bonuses, refer-a-fried bonuses, and ongoing promotions to coincide with sporting seasons and events. There is nothing industry-leading per se, but they absolutely keep up with the other legal U.S. sportsbooks. Below is a breakdown of promotions currently available to existing players:

Deposit Method: 80%

*Deposit methods are subject to change

TopBet accepts MasterCard and VISA via QB Direct which is the fastest way to fund your secure online sportsbook experience with cryptocurrency if you don’t already have Bitcoin, altcoins, or a crypto wallet of your own. For you the experience won’t be much different from how you use your MasterCard or VISA for other online purchases and subscriptions.

TopBet also accepts BitCoin and other common cryptocurrencies. They even incentivize you with better sign-up and re-up bonuses when using eCurrency.

Payout Methods: 75%

*Payout methods are subject to change

Want to know when you can request a withdrawal of your winnings? TopBet has an industry standard 20x rollover requirement for requesting withdrawals. This is calculated by adding the deposit amount + the bonus amount and multiplying that total number by 20. Your rollover is calculated at the time of withdrawal. Need an example?

If you reload your account and deposit $100 and get a $10 bonus you have a total of $110 with which to play. Using TopBet’s deposit bonus rollover of 20x, you would need to make $2200
($110 x20) in wagers before requesting a withdrawal. This is absolutely standard for online sportsbooks in the U.S.A.

The maximum dollar amount that may be won by an individual player on a weekly basis is $50,000 USD.

If using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency you will receive your payout right away. If not, the funds will arrive via courier after being processed.

Other Products: 80%

TopBet News

TopBet is one of the few online sportsbooks to offer FREE picks and predictions on games and major sporting events. This is done through their partner publishing arm known as TopBet News (at While “TB News” covers all NFL games through the regular season and playoffs, they are a little light on coverage for the other sports. But still, this is far more than most other online sportsbooks have to offer.

TopBet Casino
TopBet offers the full sportsbook experience, which Las Vegas and Atlantic City fans already know includes a casino offering. Their online casino features slots, table games, and tournaments to keep you busy (and winning!) between sporting events and seasons.

User Experience: 80%

The desktop interface is industry standard and absolutely user friendly. The brands use of color, font, and navigational tools is easy on the eyes and abides by W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

The mobile interface works like an smartphone app, which is exactly what you want.