Best March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

Welcome to the only March Madness sportsbook promotions portal you’ll ever need. Like with every NCAA basketball fan right now, you need it more than ever after a couple of garbage years. First there was the 2020 cancellation. Then came a 2021 tournament without Duke and Kentucky that resulted in a champion from a program (Baylor) that had not seen the Final Four in over seven decades. As a result, you’re investing deeply for 2022 now that things are sort of normal in Division I college basketball. Baylor may still be at the top (at press) of the AP Top 25, but we’ve got Duke, Gonzaga, and Kansas ready to trade places at a game day’s notice. Your bracket is already printed and ready to be pencilled in, and you’ve set aside a healthy budget for betting on the tournament. But which sportsbooks are offering the biggest bang for your betting buck? That’s what we’re here to lay out.

Let’s have a look at what top-rated online sportsbooks have to offer.

UPDATE (Jan 2022): Some sportsbooks keep their March Madness promos under wraps until Selection Sunday. For this reason Action Sports Betting (ASB) will be updating this article LIVE throughout the remainder of the 2022 NCAA college basketball playoff season. Check back often for updates.

Top 3 March Madness Sports Betting Promotions to Sign Up for Prior to the 2022 NCAA Basketball Tournament

2022 Tournament Dates:

  • Selection Sunday: March 13
  • First Four: March 15-16
  • First round: March 17-18
  • Second round: March 19-20
  • Sweet 16: March 24-25
  • Elite Eight: March 26-27
  • Final Four: April 2
  • NCAA championship game: April 4

2022 Tournament Locations:

March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

Betting Lines:

1. MyBookie Sportsbook March Madness Promotion

Year after year, boasts the best slate of NCAA March Madness betting promotions. In addition to the expected college basketball lines throughout the tournament, they offer a number of fun betting props to entice new players. On that note, when you sign-up for your first time with MyBookie to bet on the NCAAB tournament, you will double your first deposit! That’s right, deposit $100 (etc) and you’ll get $200 (etc.) to wager with. All that you need to do to score this exclusive March Madness betting offer is to click the banner below:

March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

Once you’ve signed up with MyBookie, the tournament fun really begins. MyBookie’s annual winner-take-all $10,000 Bracket Contest is the best in the business. Better yet, each entry is only $1, and you can enter up to 50 times (or $50 in total). How does it work? It’s about as easy as it gets. Pick the winners of all 63 games in the 2022 tournament beginning with the first round (after Selection Sunday) and the $10K is yours. Of course, very few will make every pick, so there is a point system in place to ensure that there is a winner. The point system plays out as follows:

  • 1 point for every correct selection in the 1st Round
  • 2 points for every correct selection in the 2nd Round
  • 4 points for every correct selection in the Sweet 16
  • 8 points for every correct selection in the Elite 8
  • 16 points for every correct selection in the Final Four
  • 32 points for picking the winner of the Championship

The player with the most points after the Championship game takes the $10K prize.

This March Madness sportsbook promotion opens on Monday, March 14th (2022) and closes on Friday, March 18th (2022) at 12 PM ET. And as referenced above, if you register with MyBookie today you will not only be ready to enter the Bracket Contest, you will double your first deposit. Ready to register? Let’s do it! Click the banner to join MyBookie and gain eligibility for the Bracket Contest and any other March Madness promotion they release this year.

March Madness Sportsbook Promotions 2022

2. TopBet Sportsbook March Madness Promotion

Sportsbook March Madness Promotions 2022

TopBet has not yet released the details of their entire run of March Madness betting promotions, but therein lies the intrigue. TopBet sportsbook offers the greatest number of smaller promos that run throughout the entirety of the tournament. Our favorite is the Final Four Bracket which last year had a mind-blowing $50K prize pool. What we love about this specific offer, is that even if you have busted your bracket in the first round (or after) you can still get involved in the Final Four. Simply pick the correct teams in the 2022 NCAAB Final Four, including the eventual champion, and you will get a share of the $50,000!

Our suggestion, is to first sign up and join MyBookie to double your deposit and make your $1 entry in their winner-take-all $10,000 Bracket Contest. If you bust your bracket early in the tournament, head over to TopBet and sign-up to join their Final Four Bracket contest. It’s a win-win!

3. MVP Bet Sportsbook March Madness Promotion

MVP Bet has not yet released the details of their March Madness promotion. Read our MVP Bet sportsbook review in advance, then stay tuned as they release the details of the promo to Action Sports Betting (ASB).

We hope we can help make your March Madness more merry, and lucrative. Be sure to return to the ASB blog each day through the tournament as we offer picks for some of the key games.

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