Is This the Best Sportsbook New User Promo for 2021-22?

Best Sportsbook New User Promo for 2021-2022

With the legalization or online betting sweeping the nation (finally!) online sportsbooks from every corner are competing to attract new players. For the of-age public, there has never been a greater moment in history to get into the sports betting game. But with so many new user incentives to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re making the right choice when accepting a solicited offer from an oddsmaker?

That’s what we’re here for.

While we will feature a number of up and coming promotions here on our sportsbook news portal there is one that came across our desks this week that really caught our attention.

The gang at TopBet has put together a really cool promo that begins with a completely risk free wager, followed by a succession of bonuses that are unlocked as your journey as a new user progresses. TopBet wrangled together a helpful infographic to explain the details, so you don’t have to listen to us drone on any longer. Have a look at the TopBet Bonus Train below, and be sure to signup and let us know how your first risk free bet works out!

One of the Best Sportsbook New Player Promotions to Sign Up for in 2021-22

All Aboard the TopBet Bonus Train (new player offer)

Best Sportsbook New User Promo 2021-2022

Ready to get on board with this hard-to-beat offer for new players? All you need to do is signup and the Bonus Train program begins automatically. Read our current review for TopBet sportsbook and decide if this oddsmaker is for you.

Have you come across an amazing sportsbook promotion for new members? While we get a heads-up about most, we may have missed a couple. Be sure to message ASB on Facebook to let us know about the promo and we’ll look into it. Better yet, we might be able to get legal sportsbooks in your state to match that offer. That way, you get the incentive you’re looking for with a sportsbook that you’re more comfortable playing with. It certainly doesn’t hurt to check!

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