Best MLB Sportsbook for the Summer Season of 2022

Best MLB Sportsbook Summer 2022 - Best Baseball Betting Site

The summer is a nearly three-month stretch where most of the big leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAAB, and NCAAF) are on hiatus. But the original big league is in full swing during this time – MLB baseball. As such, you plan to go all in on baseball to get your sports betting fix. However, the online bookmakers that you’re familiar with may strike out when it comes to the national pastime. That’s why you’re searching for the “best MLB sportsbook” to get you through the remainder of the season. You’ve come to the right place, because ASB has stepped up to the plate with the answer you’re looking for. Our team has analyzed all of the top U.S. sports betting sites to cross-reference MLB sign-up bonuses and loyalty promos in addition to diversity of odds, props, and ease of use. The conclusion? Without a doubt MyBookie is where to go to bet on MLB baseball this summer. Let’s review.

Why MyBookie is the Best Online Sportsbook for Betting on the 2022 MLB Baseball Season this Summer

Best MLB Sportsbook Sign-Up Bonus


For a limited time, MyBookie is offering baseball bettors a 100% sign-up bonus. They will match 100% of your first deposit in free play. That means you double your first deposit! If you deposit $100 to wager on a Red Sox win over the Yankees, you’ll actually end up with $200 to bet with. You can use that extra $100 wherever you please – perhaps for another game that week, for the up and coming MLB All Star Game, or go all-in on the Sox.

We know that you may have heard some other U.S. sportsbooks also offer a 100% new player welcome bonus, but they typically cap the bonus at $200 to $500. MyBookie however, let’s new registrants get up to $1000! Even better, they only have a 10x rollover requirement before pulling out your winnings. That’s far better than the 20-25x rollover requirement hidden in the fine print with other baseball betting sites.

Best MLB Sportsbook 20220 Best MLB Betting Site

Best MLB Sportsbook Odds

Once you’ve signed up and claimed your welcome bonus, you want to turn that dough into much more by betting on up and coming games. MyBookie offers MLB game odds in the format you prefer, including¬†spread, moneyline, and over/under game totals. They also offer MLB baseball betting futures, should you want to make an early summer wager on the 2022 World Series. The latter is especially appealing. For example, if you lay down just $100 to bet on the Phillies who are priced at +2200 (at press) to win the World Series, and they do win, you would walk away with $2200 at the end of the season!

Best MLB Baseball Prop Bets

In addition to traditional MLB odds, MyBookie is big on props. For the uninitiated, MLB prop bets are those where a wager is based on occurrences or non-occurrences during a given MLB game. Unlike point spreads, totals or straight-up wagers, these incidents may not affect the outcome of the game or even the final score. MyBookie typically offers 7 unique props on each and every baseball game, and they offer even more fun ones for the MLB All-Star Game (and Home Run Derby, etc.) and throughout the playoffs.

Live MLB Game Betting

The average baseball game is 3-hours, but can end up being much more if it goes into extra innings. Not everyone has the stamina to watch a whole game. However, when you add in live betting you have every incentive to stick around for every inning. In fact, it’s a strategic advantage if you do. MyBookie offers the best live betting platform for MLB baseball games. They post live odds that update in real-time as the game progresses.

MyBookie Makes it Easy to Bet on Baseball

Given that there are so many games through the summer and entire season, you want an easy betting experience. It’s not like wagering on NFL games. MLB is on the schedule seven days a week. MyBookie understands this, and offers baseball bettors an easy to navigate interface. This is true of their desktop and mobile platform.

Best MLB Sportsbook 2022 Best Baseball Betting Sites Odds

Just click and bet!

Best MLB Sportsbook Loyalty Program

We’ve checked the list on the best sign-up bonus, odds, prop bets, live betting, and interface. All that’s left is to take a look at how well the sportsbook values YOU. MyBookie shows nothing but love to its MLB bettors.

For starters, you’ll be rewarded for referring friends and family members who are fellow MLB fans. After you’ve signed-up (and doubled your first deposit) MyBookie will give you a 200% bonus when your referral deposits for the first time. This is one of the best Refer-a-Friend programs around. Then there’s their 25% Reload Bonus (up to $500) for your future MLB wagers. Lastly, MyBookie offers one-off contests to coincide with the MLB playoffs and more.

MyBookie pitches a Grand Slam for baseball fans who want to get in on the action this summer (and beyond). Click the banner below to sign-up and double your first deposit.

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