Nitrogen Sports Action Sports Betting Review

Nitrogen Sports states that they have been in the game since 2012, but to be honest they have only been in the U.S. space for three years (since 2019) making it one of the newest sportsbooks as far as you’re concerned. That said, they are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the premier bitcoin (BTC) operators. That’s right, at press (2021) they only accept BTC. You have to admire their commitment, but should you commit your BTC wagers to this sportsbook?

Nitrogen Online Sportsbook Product and Service Breakdown

Sports Offered: 80%

Nitrogen Sports offers betting lines on all major sports, including NFL, college football, college basketball, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, NASCAR, PGA, ATP, and MLS in addition to international soccer, cricket, rugby, horses, and more. However, this is not immediately evident upon arrival at their sportsbook.

For one, as soon as you enter the sportsbook (versus the homepage) you are asked to signup. This is not your traditional sign-up though. They create an anonymous account for you so that you can get through the “pay wall” (although it’s free to sign up). Don’t be afraid to click the “Create My Account” button as you are not required to give up payment information or even your email at this juncture. It’s a bit irritating to have to go through this process BUT that’s just us. We do this all day long and are somewhat jaded. To most, it won’t be a big deal.

Once you’re in the sportsbook you’ll note that they showcase which sports are currently on deck for the day. Futures odds for sports however, are not immediately evident. For example, if you are in the sportsbook during NCAA March Madness it’s hard to find NFL Futures. The internal search function doesn’t seem to work either. So again, as insiders we know that Nitrogen sportsbook offers all of the sports that you came to bet on (outside of action sports) but they Futures odds are offline more than you see with other operators. Click the banner to explorethe sportsbook.


New Player Bonuses and Promotions: 80%

There is NOTHING normal about the way Nitrogen offers promotions. You’re probably used to seeing new player sign-up bonuses ranging from 50-150% on certain dollar deposit values. Even crypto-sportsbooks mostly offer 100% bonuses on BTC deposits. Nitrogen doesn’t work this way. Instead, they have a large number of dynamic promotions that follow the sporting calendar. New players are essentially treated the same as existing players.

The promotions are positioned to offer you a BTC buy-in which you will compare to a corresponding prize. For example, the BTC buy-in for a given contest may be FREE or a low BTC amount of say, .0001 BTC, while the BTC prize if you make the right pick may be .004 BTC.

There’s a learning curve, especially if you’re new to betting with cryptocurrency, but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite fun tracking the ongoing promotions made available to players. It’s definitely worth signing up to check it out!

Nitrogen Sports Action Sports Betting Review

Existing Player Bonuses and Promotions: 80%

As stated above new players are essentially treated the same as existing players, and vice versa when it comes to promotions. Reference what we mentioned above under the New Player Bonuses and Promotions section and click the banner below to explore.

Nitrogen Sports Action Sports Betting Review

Deposit Methods: 80%

This is nice an simple. Nitrogen accepts BitCoin and that’s all folks. For that reason we’re grading on a curve. Otherwise we would traditionally ding a sportsbook for only offering one deposit method if said method was a single credit card. And given that you’re researching cryptocurrency sportsbooks then your familiar and comfortable in going this route. Go for it!

Nitrogen Sports Action Sports Betting Review

Payout Methods: 80%

*Payout methods are subject to change

Once again you’ll appreciate the simplicity in dealing with a BTC-only sportsbook. Want to know when you can request a withdrawal of your winnings?

Withdraws at Nitrogen Sportsbook range from within an hour (most cases) to up to 24 hours of your request. When would the latter occur? Only if security systems (rare) detect that your account has been hacked or accessed by a 3rd party your withdrawal. Then the withdrawal may need a manual review. In the end this measure is in place to protect YOU and your funds. If you make an eSports bet on your account then a manual process of the withdrawal is also needed. The minimum withdrawal amount for all accounts is 0.001 BTC.

Other Products: 90%

Nitrogen Casino
Nitrogen Sports offers the full sportsbook experience, which includes a casino offering. Their online casino features slots, table games, and tournaments. Even when your preferred sports have wound down for the week, month, or season you will have lots in place to keep you busy
(and winning!) until game time returns.

Nitrogen Poker
This includes online poker and daily poker tournaments, all via BitCoin!

Content, Content, Content
Nitrogen Sports may very well be the most content rich sports betting site there is. The offer a seemingly endless array of betting guides by sports (and how to wager on each with BTC) and casino game types. Their site functions much like a publishing site so there are hours upon hours of helpful betting content along with game by game picks and predictions. If you’re so inclined you can take the time to educate yourself on the events you’re interested in betting on and become a sharp bettor in the process. If you want it, it’s there for your consumption. Nitrogen does a killer job with this offering. It’s worth signing up for this feature alone – go for it!

Nitrogen Sports Action Sports Betting Review

User Experience: 70%

To be honest, the website is a bit buggy. The internal search feature rarely delivers what you’re looking for, and you often get kicked out of your logged- in state when navigating to different parts of the website. If you come to make a wager, make your wager, and don’t bounce around too much. In other words, do your research regarding current promotions and event odds and read through Nitrogen’s betting guides and so forth before hand. Once ready, login and commit to betting (and winning) and you won’t have a problem.

We have reached out to Nitrogen to report these bugs, and they have indicated (as per spring of 2021) that their team is on it, so by the time you read this it may be a moot point. We hope so! Otherwise their use of color, font, and navigational tools abides by W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Nitrogen Sports Action Sports Betting Review