MVP Bet is one of the newest sportsbooks to their their hat into the ring. They entered the industry positioned as a cryptocurrency-only operation and gained momentum extremely fast. Perhaps it’s that overnight success that allowed them to expand and accept U.S. player wagers in other formats including MasterCard and VISA but we’ll get to that below. For now, we’re keeping them here in the cryptocurrency sportsbook review section because they have done great things in this sector, delivering some serious pay days to players through 2019 and into 2020.

MVP Bet Online Sportsbook Product and Service Breakdown

Sports Offered: 95%

MVP Bet offers betting lines on all major sports, including NFL, college football, college basketball, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, NASCAR, PGA, ATP, and MLS in addition to international soccer, cricket, rugby, horses, and more. They don’t offer odds on action sports unless it’s Summer or Winter Olympics time when they will offer props on pretty much every televised event.

New Player Bonuses and Promotions: 90%

This is the category that MVP Bet may end up leading the entire online betting industry in. In an effort to pivot from being known as a cryptocurrency sportsbook, MVP Bet management has pledged to become the leader in new player promotions. How is it looking so far for the 2021-22 season?

They are off to a great start. For one, they have come out of the gates swinging big with an industry-leading 150% sign-up bonus. for U.S. players who deposit using Bitcoin or other recognized cryptocurrency. They are also hooking up cryptocurrency-averse players, giving away at 100% sign-up bonus (up to $1500) for those wagering with VISA, MC, or bank wire.

Existing Player Bonuses and Promotions: 80%

*Promotions are subject to change

MVP Bet is dedicated to keeping their new and growing player base happy. They are offering a number of reload bonuses, refer-a-fried bonuses, and ongoing promotions to coincide with sporting seasons and events. At press they offer a solid 20% reload bonus, in addition to MVP Bet Reward points which U.S. players can trade in for real cash when ever they like. Below is a breakdown of promotions currently available to existing players:


Deposit Methods: 85%

*Deposit methods are subject to change

Positioned primarily as a cryptocurrency sportsbook MVP Bet accepts BitCoin and other recognized cryptocurrencies. They even incentivize you with better sign-up and re-up bonuses when using eCurrency.

MVP Bet accepts MasterCard and VISA via QB Direct which is the fastest way to fund your secure online sports betting experience with cryptocurrency if you don’t already use them, nor have a crypto-wallet of your own. For you the experience won’t be much different from how you use your MasterCard or VISA for other online purchases and subscriptions. MVP Bet also accepts bank wire.

Payout Methods: 85%

*Payout methods are subject to change

Want to know when you can request a withdrawal of your winnings? MVP Bet has an industry standard 25x rollover requirement for requesting withdrawals. This is calculated by adding the deposit amount + the bonus amount and multiplying that total number by 25. Your rollover is
calculated at the time of withdrawal. Need an example?

If you reload your account and deposit $100 and get a $20 bonus (as per MVP Bet’s 20% reload bonus) you have a total of $120 with which to play. Using MVP Bet’s deposit bonus rollover of 25x, you would need to make $3000 ($110 x25) in wagers before requesting a withdrawal. This
is most certainly standard for online sportsbooks in North America.

The maximum dollar amount that may be won by an individual player on a weekly basis is $50,000 USD.

If using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency you will receive your payout right away. If not, the funds will arrive via courier or bank wire after being processed.

Other Products: 75%

MVP Bet Casino

MVP Bet offers the full sportsbook experience, which includes a casino offering. Their online casino features slots, table games, and tournaments. Even when your preferred sports have wound down for the week, month, or season you will have lots in place to keep you busy (and winning!) until game time returns.

Horse Racing
MVP Bet has also added a racebook to its product line. It’s not just about the Triple Crown, as they offer odds on Thoroughbred, Harness, and Greyhound tracks in the U.S., UK, Australia, and other nations.

Word has it that MVP Bet will also be adding an editorial section to the website in time for the launch of 2022. This section will offer picks and predictions on major sporting events that players can use to help them make more educated wagers. Stay tuned for an update on this one!

User Experience: 90%

MVP Bet has one of the most user-friendly interfaces among the online sportsbook community. Both their laptop/desktop and mobile product is seamless to use. We really love the way they present the promotions section to users, making it easy to review ongoing and new promotions, letting you pick what suits your sports betting desires best. Their use of color, font, and navigational tools abides by W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).