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There are a couple of reasons that Action Sports Betting (ASB) is interested in online sports betting in Chile.

Early in 2023, the Economic Commission of the Chilean Chamber of Deputies initiated discussion regarding a bill that seeks to regulate online gambling in the country. We’ve been around the block enough to know what this means; you can count on online sports betting to become fully operational in Chile by 2024, if not by the end of 2023. Online sportbooks will flood the market very soon. That’s one reason, but it doesn’t quite explain why ASB is jumping on the bandwagon to review casas de apuestas in a Latin American country when our primary focus is on those in the USA. 

It’s simple, really. As the world’s top resource for World Surf League (WSL) betting odds and WSL event picks and predictions, we have an obligation to do so. Chile hosts the WSL Men’s Qualifying Series 5000 known as the Arica Pro Tour while Quicksilver/Roxy also run the Iquique Pro Junior events each year at Playa Cavancha in Chile. Chileans surfers are also a mainstay on the International Surf Association (ISA) schedule as up-and-comers look to make the 2024 Summer Olympic Games.

The conclusion is clear – sports betting is about to blow up in Chile. With it, will be significant interest to wager on soccer (Chilean Primera División), baseball (MLB), basketball (NBA), and surfing (WSL) along with tennis (ATP) and other leagues its citizens have a growing interest in. Surfing and fringe sports are right up our alley, which is why we’re obligated to weigh in with our picks of the top online sportsbooks for sports betting fans in Chile. Let’s review!

Note: Online sports betting will become legal in Chile. As a result, new sportsbooks are entering the market as we speak. ASB will take its time to carefully investigate key criteria for each new online sportsbook as they are admitted into the country. For the foreseeable future we will update this page on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, recommendations are subject to change as news about operator promotions and payouts are released. That being said, it’s an exciting time to be a sports fan in Chile!

Top 3 Online Sportsbooks and Sports Betting Websites for Residents of Chile in 2023 and Beyond

1. JefeBet Chile


Languages Available: Spanish (ES) and English (EN)

Sign-up Offer: $8000 CLP / $10 USD

Sports Betting in Chile - Casas de Apuestas Online en Chile

Does the name JefeBet sound familiar? You’re not alone, as millions of Spanish speaking sports fans around the world recognize the brand as their go-to resource for sports betting picks and predictions. Their platform also publishes lifestyle and “locker room” content (as they call it) that includes everything from Latin nightclub recommendations in the USA to the hottest Latina wives and girlfriends (WAGs) of professional athletes. Fluffy stuff aside, JefeBet is most certainly the fastest rising platform for sports picks and predictions. As such, it was only a matter of time before the group decided to toss their sombreros into the arena as an online betting platform. Followers couldn’t be more excited as the brand consistently sets itself apart from the rest. Their content is delivered better than any other of its kind and it’s made-to-order for the intended audience – Latinos!

Insiders tell us that the launch date is June of 2023. For the time being, early subscribers enjoy a FREE $8000 CLP / $10 USD just for signing up, no deposit required. To bide your time until the platform is able to accept deposits you can visit for FREE picks and predictions on the Chilean Primera Division and other international futbol leagues. You will find the same for MLS, NBA, NCAA (football and basketball), NFL, ATP, UFC, PGA, and more. Stay tuned to find out if they also offer odds on the WSL and other action sports.

2. Betsson


Languages Available: Spanish (ES) and English (EN)

Sign-up Offer: 100% Deposit Bonus (up to $100.000 CLP / $125 USD)

Sports Betting in Chile - Casas de Apuestas Online en Chile

At the beginning of 2023, the National Association of Professional Football (ANFP) named Betsson as sponsor of the Chilean First Division football league (aka Chilean Primera División or Campeonato Chileno). If that move doesn’t tell you that online sports betting is about to become fully legal in Chile in 2023, nothing will.

For the uninitiated, Betsson has been a mainstay in Latin American casino gaming for years, even though they are a Swedish enterprise. The latter fact may infer a disconnect with the Latin American audience, but it’s hard to argue against a brand that has been in the gaming industry for over five decades. We expect Betsson’s stranglehold on the Chilean gambling market to loosen as more authentic operators like JefeBet start accepting deposits. However, for the time being they are the most established place to place your bets from Santiago to O’Higgins and everywhere between. Betsson offers betting lines on all major sports, and odds on surfing and skateboarding during the Summer Olympics.

3, BetOnline


Languages Available: English (EN)

Sign-up Offer: 50% Deposit Bonus (up to $1000 USD – roughly $800,000 CLP)

Sports Betting Sites in Chile - Sitios de Apuestas Deportivas - BetOnline

BetOnline is headquartered in Panama where they’re fully licensed and regulated to accept players from all over Central and South America. They accept players from Chile, although they make it clear that participation is at a Chilean resident’s discretion. This disclaimer may make some uneasy, but there’s peace of mind to be found in BetOnline’s reputable presence in the market for over 25 years. Compared to many “grey area” operators they have a strong track record regarding customer service and hassle-free payouts and withdrawals.

The other caveat, is that BetOnline doesn’t  tailor the betting experience to Chilean citizens. There is no Spanish-first version of the betting site, nor are there special promotions being offered to those located in Chile. This is a departure from JefeBet and Betsson above, which both target Chile directly. In any case, BetOnline’s reputation precedes them. Their diverse offering of betting odds includes the all-important Chilean Primera Division and the full slate of international futbol.  And as with thousands of Chilean residents, we are equally familiar with the brand. They have made a name for themselves in action sports by partnering with the likes of Stab Magazine to offer subscribers access to betting odds on all WSL WCT season events.

Note: To reiterate, online sports betting will become legal in Chile in 2023. As the months progress ASB will update this page with information about sports betting sites in Chile. Current recommendations are therefore subject to change as news about operator promotions and payouts are released. Bookmark this page for future reference!

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